‘Suspicious’ Moment In Logan Paul-Floyd-Mayweather-Fight Called Out

In a clip that spurred the accusation, former boxing champ Mayweather punched the YouTuber Paul in the head with a few seconds left in the round. Paul seemed to go limp and Mayweather “appeared to hold him up off the floor, preventing a knockdown ― or, perhaps, a knockout,” the Post wrote.

The tabloid called the video “suspicious” and suggested the 8-round exhibition “may have gone as far as to be fixed.”

“Did Mayweather knock out Paul? And did Mayweather then do his best to prevent the fight from ending by holding up his opponent?” For the Win asked.

Jake Paul (also a YouTuber and boxer), declared victory for his brother, despite what fans saw. The Associated Press, among other outlets, reported that Mayweather, the former undefeated champion, “outclassed” the social media star.

The bout was an unscored exhibition.

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